Terms for Membership

Any person or legal entity interested in authors' rights, and not likely to be influenced into taking up positions that are inconsistent with the principles of literary and artistic property, may apply for membership of ALAI.

Membership Procedures

  • In countries where a national group of ALAI exists, the applicant should generally join this group in accordance with the specific procedures of the group. Membership of the national group carries with it automatic membership of ALAI.
  • In countries where there are no national groups:
    • Applicants should present their request for admission on a form furnished by the secretariat of ALAI. The applicant should be sponsored by two members of the Association.
    • If they wish to establish a group in their own country, applicants must assemble a minimum of eight persons who are individual members of ALAI or wish to belong to the Association and then submit their proposal to the authorities of ALAI who will decide whether or not to authorize the establishment of such a group.