See by-laws, Art. 6


Members are entitled to register at a preferential rate for the annual Congresses, which are a high point for meeting colleagues from around the world. They also receive the publications of the Acts of the Congresses. They may be invited by members of their or other national groups as international and comparative experts at meetings held by national groups or the international association.

Terms for Membership

Any person or legal entity interested in copyright, and not likely to be influenced into taking up positions that are inconsistent with the principles of copyright, may apply for membership of the ALAI.

Membership Procedures

In countries where a national group of the ALAI exists:

Applicants should join this group in accordance with their specific procedures.

Membership to a national group automatically leads to membership of the ALAI.

In countries where no national group exists (yet):

  • In order to be admitted as a new national group, applicants should present their request to the secretariat of the ALAI and provide the following documents:
    1. a copy of their group’s statutes in English or French. These should be consistent with the objectives of the ALAI as set out in Article 1 of its by-laws;
    2. a list of (minimum) eight members, who are individual members of the ALAI or wish to belong to the Association, indicating their professional status as well as their professional status within the group; and
    3. any other information in support of their application, such as a description of the activities conducted by their group or its members to further the protection of copyright. This information may be included in their application request or separately.

  • In order to be admitted as an individual member, applicants should present their request for admission to the secretariat of the ALAI, and provide the following documents:
    1. a CV demonstrating their interest in copyright law and, if possible, some publications of their hand in this matter;
    2. a letter from two members of the ALAI sponsoring their membership and indicating that they support the objectives of the ALAI as set out in our by-laws.

Annual fee

Members contribute to the functioning of the ALAI by paying an annual fee of :

  • For national groups: 25 EUR per physical member and 80 EUR per legal entity
  • For individual members: 50 EUR